Journal Articles: Non-Peer-Reviewed Items

This section comprises material, published in journals, that did not undergo peer review. Click here to return to the Articles landing page. Journal titles are followed by their ISSN(s), then by their inclusion in either or both the Clarivate Analytics Web of Science and the Scopus databases (abbreviated as WoS and Sc respectively), and/or their defunct status, via superscripted indicators. Note: Articles “transcribed” and made available in PDF format on this web page are corrected and/or slightly expanded versions of the print versions. As such, they may not entirely correspond with the exact wording in the journal’s published form.

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Diliman Review
ISSN 0012-2858

Perseverance in a Neglected Dimension.” Interview with soundperson Ramon Reyes. Diliman Review 32.2 (March-April 1984): 66-72. Anthologized in Millennial Traversals. Includes sidebar “Partial Filmography” 69.

Kritika Kultura
ISSN 1656-152x (online); ISSN 2094-6937 (print) [WoS/Sc]

“Parallel Growths.” 30th-issue commemoration. Kritika Kultura 30/31 (February/August 2018): 90-91. DOI:10.13185/2794.

“Introduction.” Guest Editor’s introduction to Forum Kritika: On Nora Aunor and the Philippine Star System. Kritika Kultura 25 (August 2015): 46-48. DOI:10.13185/KK2015.02513.

“OFWs in Foreign Cinema: An Introduction.” Guest Editor’s introduction to Monograph Section. Kritika Kultura 21/22 (August 2013/February 2014): 557-59. DOI:10.13185/KK2013.02133.

Transcription and notes. “Ishmael Bernal’s Manila by Night.” Screenplay, with English translation by Alfred A. Yuson. Kritika Kultura 19 (August 2012): 172-272. DOI:10.13185/KK2012.01909.

“Introduction.” Guest Editor’s introduction to Forum Kritika: A Closer Look at Manila by Night. Kritika Kultura 19 (August 2012): 6-13. DOI:10.13185/KK2012.01901.

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ISSN 0116-7575 [defunct]

A Second Golden Age.” Kultura 2.4 (January-March 1990): 14-26.

“To Give Critical Support to Filmmakers.” Kultura 2.1 (April-June 1989): 52-56.

The Manila Review
ISSN 2423-2971 [defunct]

“Pinoy Film Criticism: A Lover’s Polemic.” Anthologized as “A Lover’s Polemic” in Millennial Traversals. The Manila Review 3 (August 2013): 6-8 [n.b.: print edition is erroneously indicated as issue “1” while online edition uses September as month of publication]. Also see “Fallout to ‘A Lover’s Polemic’.”

Philippines Communication Journal
ISSN 0116-4848 [defunct]

Ethics First” and “Film as God.” Philippines Communication Journal 3.12 (September 1989, unpub.): pp. unkn.

“Preeminence of Film as Artistic Mass Medium.” Originally titled “Reflections on a National Pastime” and anthologized in Millennial Traversals. Philippines Communication Journal 2.5 (December 1987): 43-48.

“Local Cinema in Today’s Mass Media.” Philippines Communication Journal 1.1 (December 1986): 69-71. Anthologized as “Film since February 1986” in The National Pastime 120-23.

Plaridel: A Philippine Journal of Communication, Media, and Society
ISSN 1656-2534 [WoS/Sc]

Muzzled Bombardments: The Philippine Film Canon and Its Discontents.” Roundtable on the Filipino Film Canon. Plaridel 14.2 (November 2017): 221-31.

The Transnational Pastime: An Interview with Joel David.” Interviewed by Paul Douglas Grant. Plaridel 14.1 (June 2017): 135-45. For additional material, see “Source Exchange for ‘The Transnational Pastime’.”

Media and the Diaspora: A Note from the Editors.” Co-written with Violeda A. Umali. Guest Editors’ introduction to Media and the Diaspora. Plaridel 11.1 (February 2014): i-iv.

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The Review
ISSN 0115-3870 [defunct]

“Revolutionary from the Center.” Interview with Nilo Tayag re Daop Palad relocation program. The Review Corner. The Review 5.9 (September 1982): 48.

“Insurgency in These Islands.” Feature article. The Review 5.3 (March 1982): 28-31. Includes as sidebar “The 10-Point Program of the National Democratic Front,” rpt. from Southeast Asia Chronicle (May-June 1978).

“Sense (or Its Absence) in Censorship.” The Review 4.11/4.12 (November-December 1981): 11-13.

Pinoy in Gangsterland.” Survey of Filipino gangster films. Anthologized in Millennial Traversals. The Review 4.10 (October 1981): 10-12.

“Our Critical Condition.” Fictional forum on Filipino film criticism. The Review 4.9 (September 1981): 41-44.

“Student Activism through the Years” (co-written with Geselle Militante). Feature article. The Review 4.6 (June 1981): 24-29. Includes as sidebar Roberto Z. Coloma, “The Continuing Myth.”

Transcription and introduction. “A Review Exclusive: Manila by Night.” Original screenplay by Ishmael Bernal. The Review 4.3 (March 1981): 23-41.

“Nine Days that Shook the Campus.” Feature article. The Review 4.2 (February 1981): 6-11. Originally published in Philippine Collegian (February 2, 1979): 7; includes sidebar “A Loss Remembered,” feature on Pastor Mesina, Jr. as recounted by his parents.

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