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December 2016

December 22 – “MMFF: A Festival in Flux” is a commentary I wrote on this year’s edition of the Metro Manila Film Festival. It is posted in the blog’s Remarks section as “A Festival in Flux.”

December 13 – I have decided to introduce a new section, titled Remarks, where my previous – and future – commentaries will be compiled. It will appear as one of the Menu options in Ámauteurish!

November 2016

November 22 – “Transcription Chapter,” a PDF file scanned from Hermie Rotea’s Marcos’ Lovey Dovie (Los Angeles: Hermie Rotea, 1983). Uploaded in the interest of historical documentation.

November 5 – As the final extensive revision (or so I hope) in Ámauteurish!, I adjusted links to open articles and enlargeable pictures in new tabs.

October 2016

October 30 – “The Original Post of the National University’s Roundtable on Film Criticism” is an introduction to a PDF copy of a file that had been truncated at its source, the vol. 13, no. 1 (2016) issue of the University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication’s journal Plaridel: A Philippine Journal of Communication, Media, and Society.

October 23 – “The Role of the Film Critic in Cultural Discourse” is an abridged version, published in TheFilAm, of the 2016 FACINE Gawad Lingap Sining Lecture (see preceding post, immediately below this one) that I delivered on October 18 at the City College of San Francisco.

October 19 – “Cold Word Wars: Philippine Film as a Critical Activity” is the 2016 FACINE Gawad Lingap Sining Lecture that I delivered yesterday at the Diego Rivera Theater, City College of San Francisco; to be listed in the Remarks section.

October 10 – The website of the 23rd edition of Filipino Arts & Cinema International includes an announcement of the Gawad Lingap Sining (Culture Nurturer Award):


September 2016

September 23 – The Kritika Kultura website has been revised, links on this blog have been updated.

September 2 – I just managed to confirm today that the website of Kritika Kultura is being revised. This means that certain recent publications I have listed on this blog might not show up. I will be checking occasionally and announce when the site is functioning properly once more.

September 1 – “Fallout to ‘A Lover’s Polemic’” is my account of “A Round Table Discussion on Poetics and Practice of Film Criticism,” as published in the recently posted vol. 13, no. 1 (2016) issue of Plaridel: A Philippine Journal of Communication, Media, and Society. In relation to this, I have uploaded, as a one-time previously unpublished blog entry, a review of Marie Jamora’s Ang Nawawala [What Isn’t There] (2012), titled “Searched For, But Not Missing.” Both of these will be lodged in the Remarks section.

August 2016

August 30 – The Facebook page of FACINE (Filipino Arts & Cinema International) has announced a lecture I will be delivering, as recipient of FACINE’s Gawad Lingap Sining (culture-nurturing award), on October 18, 2016, at the Diego Rivera Theater, City College of San Francisco (co-presented by FACINE, PAWA and the Philippine Studies Department, CCSF through its Chair, Prof. Lily Ann B. Villaraza).

August 18 – The release date of Summit Media’s SINÉ: The YES! List of 100 Films That Celebrate Philippine Cinema has been moved from late 2016 to early 2017. To those who’ve been awaiting the publication, thanks for your patience.

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July 2016

July 22 – My inclusion in the International Board of Editors of Ateneo de Manila’s Kritika Kultura was confirmed today. KK is the Philippines’s only humanities journal that is listed in the Thomson Reuters Institute for Scientific Information (in the Arts and Humanities Citation Index) and Scopus, and is indexed by the Modern Language Association of America.

July 14 – “In Ma’ Rosa, Cannes Best Actress Jaclyn Jose Plays a Meth Dealer with Eloquence, Warmth” is my review of Brillante Ma. Mendoza’s latest release, published in The FilAm. This has been incorporated (as “Ice with a Face”) in the New-Millennium Pinoy Film Reviews section of Millennial Traversals.

July 2 – “Doy del Mundo on a Controversy over Maynila: Sa mga Kuko ng Liwanag” is a source interview for my article “Thinking Straight: Queer Imaging in Lino Brocka’s Maynila (1975),” published in the August 2012 issue (volume 9, number 2) of Plaridel: A Philippine Journal of Communication, Media, and Society. A PDF copy of the article (with a brief introduction) that generated the controversy can be found here. This feature will appear as a 2012 entry in the Extras section, and will be cited as well in the Journal Articles page.

June 2016

June 19 – I have started uploading entries to Google Scholar, with a link to Amauteurish! Since my pen name turns out to be fairly common, I’ll be providing a link at this website’s About page (you can find it here as well). The citation results so far appear as follows:

Google Scholar
June 7 – The letter of recommendation written for me in 2007 by my dissertation adviser Robert Sklar, who died in an accident four years later (before I managed to acquire tenure at my present university). This will be listed in the Extras section.

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May 2016

May 21 – Karl Castro, a former student and one-time film director of mine (for Manwal sa Paggawa ng Pelikula [Manual for Filmmaking], a 2008 short feature), will be holding an exhibit titled “The Secret Lives of Books,” opening today and running until June 8 at the Ayala Museum in Makati City. One of the items is a mock-up of Millennial Traversals, whose cover he designed:

Millennial Traversals cover display

May 15 – My take on the recently concluded Philippine presidential elections, titled “How Pop Culture, Social Media Played a Role in Halalan 2016,” published in The FilAm; to be listed in the Remarks section.

March 2016

March 11 – A formal letter I wrote to “Colleagues in the Graduate Faculty” at Southwestern University, regarding controversial Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao. This will be listed in the Remarks section.

March 8Remembering/Rethinking EDSA, edited by JPaul S. Manzanilla & Caroline S. Hau, has just been published; contains an essay I wrote, titled “Grains & Flickers” (pp. 172-87), on the exceptionally enlightened film policy of the Marcos regime, far and away its only overall-positive achievement in culture. Orders may be placed at the Anvil website or at Amazon.

Remembering - Rethinking EDSA

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February 2016

February 25 – “Annual Filipino Film Production Chart” plots the number of films produced per year in the Philippines, along with sources and a short description. I’d made variations of this chart for some of my publications since 2002, but with this illustration (with data updated to 2015), I’ll be listing it under 2016 in the Extras section.

February 18 – “Artists, Cultural Leaders Speak Out against Pacquiao’s Words”: one of several short statements solicited by GMA News Online. The complete text is: “The tragedy of Manny Pacquiao is a magnified version of the situation that confronts Filipinos who aspire for a better life and who manage to achieve it, usually by working overseas: Filipino culture (including the educational system) fails to prepare the citizens for a life of privilege and leisure, and allows or even encourages them to fall back on pre-scientific belief systems. Pacquiao is correct in saying that his statements appear in the Bible. What he overlooks is the fact that those prescriptions were made for a specific place and time, roughly the desert culture of 3,000 years ago. It may be a simple process of deduction for a few educated people to realize that the difference between then and there on the one hand, and here and now on the other, is tremendous. However, the fact that the tools necessary for Pacquiao to take that fairly simple step were unavailable to him should be the shocking realization, the wake-up call, for the government’s responsibility in fostering a scientific and material approach to Filipino culture.” To be featured in the Remarks section.

February 10 – “Roads Less Traveled” is my review of Ellen Ongkeko-Marfil’s Lakbay2Love, published in Rappler; this will also be the final addition to the New-Millennium Pinoy Film Reviews section of Millennial Traversals. “Beginner’s Luck” is a semi-permanent listing of suggested postings, found at the beginning, which is the geographic bottom, of this page.

January 2016

January 16 – Name-droppable citation. A Facebook post I wrote on embattled director Cathy Garcia-Molina, reprinted on the blog of indie filmmaker Archie del Mundo. (Sample output by CGM: One More Chance [2007] and She’s Dating the Gangster [2014]; by AdM, Taksikab [2011].)

January 15 – Nerd-whopper’s delights. The sequence list of Malvarosa (dir. Gregorio Fernandez, 1958), which I prepared for my dissertation; this is listed in the Extras section. Also, a PDF of the Spanish version (translator unknown) of “The Golden Ages of Philippine Cinema: A Critical Reassessment,” titled “Las edades de oro del cine Filipino: Una reevaluación crítica”; this appears in the Chapters in Anthologies section of the Books menu.

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