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March 2018

March 4 – “Bernardo Bernardo: Exchanges on Facebook Messenger” is what it says: a compilation of my social-network personal correspondences with the late major performing artist, source of several of my recent output including the book manuscript and its attendant interview of Manila by Night: A Queer Film Classic.

March 7 – The “Source Exchange” I conducted with Jerrold Tarog, in preparation for my review of his 2015 blockbuster Heneral Luna. Plus a surprise entry: a contribution, titled “Parallel Growths,” that I had completely forgotten about, in commemoration of Kritika Kultura’s thirtieth issue.

March 4 – The interview with Bernardo Bernardo, originally titled “Manay Revisits Manila by Night” and published on this blog, is now an Appendix in my Arsenal publication, Manila by Night: A Queer Film Classic (Matthew Hays & Thomas Waugh, series editors). I have replaced the original with a page excerpt from the book.

March 3 – “Source Exchanges,” featuring the discussions I conducted with artists, authors, and producers of reviews and interviews, will now be a section in the blog’s Special Features sidebar (appearing at the bottom of the page on mobile devices).

February 2018

February 28 – Matthew Abaya’s Vampariah, which I had reviewed in January 2017 (see “Peerless Vampire Killers”), is now complemented with a “Source Exchange.” Both review article and exchange will be maintained for now in this blog’s Remarks section.

February 26 – My first book, The National Pastime: Contemporary Philippine Cinema, has been “reillustrated,” with pictures restored from the original print edition, plus a few more from other sources.

February 20 – My first article for the country’s oldest journal, published by the University of Sto. Tomas, is out: “A Certain Tendency: Europeanization as a Response to Americanization in the Philippines’ ‘Golden-Age’ Studio System,” in UNITAS: Semi-Annual Peer-Reviewed International Online Journal of Advanced Research in Literature, Culture and Society, vol. 29, no. 2 (November 2017), pp. 24-53.

February 12SINÉ: The YES! List of 100+ Films That Celebrate Philippine Cinema, the long-awaited canon project from Summit Media, has been slated for a July 2018 target publication date.

February 7 – A new feature, “Facebook Pages & Groups,” has been added to the Suggested Features sidebar (found on the right side of the blog page in the browser version, and at the bottom of the page on mobile devices). It will be the last entry, located at the bottom portion, after the listing of recommended blogs.

January 2018

January 13 – Announced as “available” by January 16, Manila by Night, an entry in Arsenal Pulp Press’s Queer Film Classics series, may now be ordered online via Amazon. The book’s copyright year is nevertheless listed as 2017. At the Extras section, I posted the extensive storyline I originally drafted for the book’s synopsis section, that had to be eventually reduced to one medium-length paragraph.

December 2017

December 18 – The release dates of two of my book publications, SINÉ: The YES! List of 100+ Films That Celebrate Philippine Cinema and the Manila by Night monograph, have both been moved to early 2018.

November 2017

November 11The first Glory Awards of the College of Mass Communication Alumni Association of the University of the Philippines: a report with mini-album.

October 2017

October 26 – “Seeds in the Garden of Letters” is my review of Patrick F. Campos’s The End of National Cinema, published in the July-December 2017 issue of Humanities Diliman. The qualifier I wrote in my Facebook post went as follows: “Essential personal disclosures, aside from the ones in the review: Campos and I were technically non-colleagues at the University of the Philippines Film Institute, since he joined the faculty after I left. Also, as editor of HD, his only participation in this article was in acceding to my suggestion that I review his book; all the editing, proofreading, and peer-reviewing tasks were conducted entirely by HD staff members. In fact I was the one who caught a minor inaccuracy in my first draft – when as book author, he could have been the one to point it out to me. (Which means, whether he read the submission or not, he maintained a hands-off approach.)”

October 7 – Colleagues at the Association of Filipino Educators in Korea, after a lecture-seminar I conducted on Academic Journal Writing and Publication (I’m fifth from the left). I hope to be able to finalize the lecture and upload it eventually.

September 2017

September 18 – My review of Treb Monteras II’s Respeto, originally published in The FilAm, has been corrected and updated, with the same title: “Film May Be Dead, but Film Culture Is Alive and Well.” Some bases for the corrections may be found in the record of exchanges that I kept: “Source Exchange for Review of Respeto.” For now, this article will be maintained in this blog’s Remarks section.

August 2017

August 25 – Videos on Ámauteurish! (posted on the Extras page) are now sourced from Vimeo instead of YouTube.

August 18 – “Film May Be Dead, but Film Culture Is Alive and Well” is my review, published at The FilAm, of Treb Monteras II’s Respeto.

August 13 – “Source Exchange for ‘The Transnational Pastime’” is the original material for “The Transnational Pastime: An Interview with Joel David,” conducted by Paul Douglas Grant, a professor of film at the University of San Carlos in Cebu City, and published in the June 2017 (volume 4, number 1) issue of Plaridel.

August 6 – Two-way page jumps are now available for all articles with endnotes. This means the reader may click on an endnote number in the body text to be able to read the endnote; afterward, clicking on the endnote’s numerical indicator will return the reader to her previous position in the body text. This feature will be incorporated in the introduction to this page.

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July 2017

July 17 – I delivered a lecture titled Understanding Film & Culture, from 1:30 p.m. to 4 p.m., at the Bonifacio Hall of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. The invitation was extended by Evangelina S. Seril (Dean of the College of Arts and Letters) via Gigi Felix-Velarde David, a professor at PUP’s Theater Arts program, who also provided the rather smallish accompanying pic.

July 4 – A 12-page interview article (including an extensive Q&A) by Paul Douglas Grant, a professor of film at the University of San Carlos in Cebu City, titled “The Transnational Pastime: An Interview with Joel David,” appears in the volume 4, number 1 (June 2017) issue of Plaridel, the journal of the University of the Philippines’s College of Mass Communication.

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