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Sole Authorship

Note: Review articles now include the specific title of any film, book, play and/or program being discussed. For a textbook-style sampler of the (chronological) first four books in this listing, please refer to Book Texts: A Pinoy Film Course. For US Copyright Office certificates, please see About page.

SINÉ: The YES! List of 100+ Films That Celebrate Philippine Cinema (with Jo-Ann Q. Maglipon). Mandaluyong City: Summit Media, 2018 (forthcoming). [Click here for the “Short Takes” announcement.]

Manila by Night: A Queer Film Classic. Eds. Thomas Waugh & Matthew Hays. Vancouver: Arsenal Pulp Press, 2017. ISBN-13 978-1-55152-707-9; ISBN-10 1-55152-707-3.

Millennial Traversals: Outliers, Juvenilia, & Quondam Popcult Blabbery. Original digital edition. © 2015 by Joel David & Ámauteurish Publishing, All Rights Reserved.

Wages of Cinema: Film in Philippine Perspective. Digital edition. © 2014 by Joel David & Ámauteurish Publishing, All Rights Reserved. [Print edition – Quezon City: University of the Philippines Press, 1998. ISBN 971-542-168-7.]

Fields of Vision: Critical Applications in Recent Philippine Cinema. Digital edition. © 2014 by Joel David & Ámauteurish Publishing, All Rights Reserved. [Print edition – Quezon City: Ateneo de Manila University Press, 1995. ISBN 971-550-174-5.]

The National Pastime: Contemporary Philippine Cinema. Digital edition. © 2014 by Joel David & Ámauteurish Publishing, All Rights Reserved. [Print edition – Pasig City: Anvil, 1990. ISBN 971-27-0011-9.]

Edited Volumes
[see Journal Publications for ISSNs]

Forum Kritika: On Nora Aunor and the Philippine Star System. Special issue of Kritika Kultura 25 (August 2015): 46-48, 248-378.

Media and the Diaspora. Co-ed. Violeda A. Umali. Special issue of Plaridel: A Philippine Journal of Communication, Media, and Society 11.1 (February 2014): i-iv, 1-172.

Monograph Section: OFWs in Foreign Cinema. Special section of Kritika Kultura 21-22 (August 2013 & February 2014): 557-643.

Forum Kritika: A Closer Look at Manila by Night. Special issue of Kritika Kultura 19 (August 2012): 6-272.

Huwaran/Hulmahan Atbp.: The Film Writings of Johven Velasco (Quezon City: University of the Philippines Press, 2009): ix-xiv. ISBN 13: 978-971-542-609-1; ISBN 10: 9715426093. Editor’s introduction. Anthologized as “Love Was the Drug” in Millennial Traversals. Two articles that Velasco wrote but that arrived too late for book publication are also available here. Meanwhile “Velasco’s Legacy” is a review of the book, written by filmmaker Jerrold Tarog and exclusively available on Ámauteurish!

Proceedings of the Whither the Orient: Asians in Asian and Non-Asian Cinema Conference, Kimdaejung Convention Center, Gwangju, Korea, 28-29 October 2006 (Seoul: Asia Culture Forum, 2006). Download the PDF copy.

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Chapters in Anthologies

“Bringing Theater to the Home.” The PETA Milestone Book Project, eds. Brenda Fajardo, CB Garrucho, Maribel Legarda, & Beng Cabangon (Quezon City: Philippine Educational Theater Association, 2018 forthcoming).

Grains & Flickers.” Remembering/Rethinking EDSA, eds. JPaul S. Manzanilla & Caroline S. Hau (Pasig City: Anvil, 2016) 172-87. ISBN 978-97-12732-66-9.

Las edades de oro del cine Filipino: Una reevaluación crítica” (trans. unkn.) & “The Golden Ages of Philippine Cinema: A Critical Reassessment,” anthologized in Millennial Traversals. Cinema Filipinas: Historia, teoría y crítica fílmica (1999-2009), ed. Juan Guardiola ([Andalucía]: Juna de Andalucía, Consejería de Cultura Fundación El Legado Andalusí, [2010]) 37-48 & 217-24 resp. ISBN-13 978-84-96395-73-2; ISBN-10 84-96395-73-1. Click here for a PDF scan of the Spanish version.

Reviews & essays in a series of anthologies by the Manunuri ng Pelikulang Pilipino (ed. Nicanor G. Tiongson). Many of these have been unnecessarily truncated, so the following list provides links to the preferred versions:

From The Urian Anthology 1990-1999 (Quezon City: University of the Philippines Press, 2010): “The ‘New’ Cinema in Retrospect” 58-83; “Family Affairs” 136-37; “Head Held High” 148-51. ISBN 978-97-15426-47-3.

From The Urian Anthology 1980-1989 (Manila: Antonio P. Tuviera, 2001): “People-Power Cinema” 56-59; “Chauvinist’s Nightmare” 136-39; “The World According to Aguila” 142-45; “Major Bid” 203-05; “Roño’s Rondos” 236-37; “Reversals” 238-40; “Return to Form” 256-59; “Movie(?) of the Year” 260-63.

From The Urian Anthology 1970-1979 (Quezon City: Manuel L. Morato, 1983): “Birds of Omen” 268-71. ISBN-13 978-97-15425-91-9; ISBN-10 971-1030-00-4.

[“Film-Writing.”] Excerpt of book review. Si Tatang at mga Himala ng Ating Panahon: Koleksyon ng mga Akda. Ricky Lee (Quezon City: Writers Studio Foundation, 2009) 11. ISBN 978-97-19430-71-1.

Awake in the Dark: Philippine Film During the Marcos Era.” Philippine Studies: Have We Gone Beyond St. Louis? ed. Priscelina Patajo Legasto (Quezon City: University of the Philippines Press, 2008) 227-43. ISBN 978-971-542-591-9.

Philippine Film History as a Site of Postcolonial Discourse.” Geopolitics of the Visible: Essays on Philippine Film Cultures, ed. Rolando B. Tolentino (Quezon City: Ateneo de Manila University Press, 2000) 3-12. ISBN 971-550-358-6. [Printed as “Philippine Film History as Postcolonial Discourse.”]

Entries in Philippine Film. Vol. 8 of the CCP Encyclopedia of Philippine Art, ed. Nicanor G. Tiongson (Manila: Cultural Center of the Philippines, 1995), ISBN 971-8546-31-6. Warning to researchers: these articles had been co-written, relied on dated auteurist perspectives, and were occasionally outright erroneous. Scanned PDF copies, in order of pagination:

Aksyon” (with Lynn Pareja) 82-83;
Animation” (with Lynn Pareja) 83-84;
Horror” (with Lynn Pareja) 90;
Komedi” (with Lynn Pareja) 90-91;
Musical” (with Lynn Pareja & Nicanor G. Tiongson) 92-93;
Acting” (with Justino Dormiendo) 96-97;
Cinematography” (with Nick Cruz) 105-07;
Distribution” (with Rosalie Matilac) 112-14;
Production” (with Nick Cruz & Rosalie Matilac) 124-28;
Sound Recording” (with Nick Cruz) 134-36;
Studies and Training” (with Lynn Pareja) 136-37.

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Papers in Proceedings

“녹슨 팔과 가려운 손가락; 두테르테 대통령의 마약과의 전쟁에 대한 문화적 시각.” 제5회 국가폭력과 트라우마 국제회의. [As “호세 에르나니 S. 다비드.”] Trans. unkn. (Gwangju: Trauma Center, 2017) 103-12. ISBN 979-11-950722-9-3. Download a scanned PDF copy.

“Intrigues, Maneuvers, Interventions: Screen Images of the Korean War and its Aftermath” (Plenary Paper). 4PKSS (Philippines-Korea in the Changing Asia: Drawing Connections): Proceedings of the 4th Philippine Korean Studies Symposium (Quezon City: University of the Philippines Department of Linguistics, 2015) 4 (abstract) & 25-49. Download a PDF transcription.

“A Yearning for Tenderness in Korean Cinema” (Ju-Yong Ha, co-author) & “Orientalism and Classical Film Practice.” Global Makeover: Media and Culture in Asia, ed. Danilo Araña Arao (Quezon City and Seoul: Development Center for Asia Africa Pacific and Asian Media and Culture Forum, 2010) 35-54 & 139-54 resp. ISBN 978-971-0379-12-5. Download a PDF copy of Global Makeover.

“냉전시기필리핀의영화정책.” 냉전 아시아의 문화풍경 2: 1960~1970 년대. [As “데이비드, 조엘.”] Trans. 김수현. 아시아 문화연구 총서 – 2. (Seoul: Institute for East Asian Studies, SungKongHoe University, 2009) 277-96. ISBN 978-89-92214-76-6; 978-89-92214-45-2 (세트). Download a scanned PDF copy.

The Cold War and Marcos-Era Cinema in the Philippines.” Proceedings of the 8th ASEAN Inter-University Conference on Social Development (CD-ROM), ed. Almond Pilar Aguila, Danilo Araña Arao, Alfonso Deza, Lourdes Portus, and Fernando Paragas (Quezon City: UP, UNI-AP, FTA, & NUS, 2008) 1-39.

Indochine and the Dynamics of Gender.” Proceedings of the Whither the Orient: Asians in Asian and Non-Asian Cinema Conference, Kimdaejung Convention Center, Gwangju, Korea, 28-29 October 2006, ed. Joel David (Seoul: Asia Culture Forum, 2006) 248-72. (See Edited Volumes above for complete file.)

“Cutthroat Archipelago: Video Piracy in and around the Philippines.” Culture Industry and Cultural Capital: Transnational Media Consumption and the Korean New Wave in East Asia: Conference Proceedings, ed. Kim Shin-dong (Seoul: Institute for Communication Arts & Technology, Hallym University, 2005) 105-09.

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