Joel David [pen name] is a teacher, scholar, & gadfly of film, media, & popular culture. PhD in Cinema Studies at New York University and Professor of Cultural Studies at Inha University in Korea. Previously Associate Professor, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication; final Director of the UP Film Center and founding Director of the UP Film Institute.

11011For a list of journals where I participate as editorial board member and/or as peer reviewer, please click here. I am also listed as staff writer at the New York-based The FilAm. My scholarly interests may be inferred from publications posted in the present blog, including film narrative, genders & sexualities, Orientalism, new media, metacriticism, celebrity studies, and cultural policy. Pronoun preference, for those to whom it matters, is posthuman: it (nominative & oblique), its (possessive), itself (reflexive).

11011Non-academic stints include: Director of Publications at Haver Analytics, New York (initially employed as Research Assistant); Head of the Writers Section at the Experimental Cinema of the Philippines; Writer at The Review; and Managing Editor at the Philippine Collegian. Freelanced as writer of articles and scripts, production assistant, and occasional “atmosphere person” for film and TV projects, book publisher, and radio host, including a stint as resident film critic of National Midweek in 1986-91. A partial list of honors and distinctions can be found here.

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11011The preferred pronunciation for Ámauteurish! (which may be written without the acute accent and final punctuation mark) is “\ám‑\o‑′tərish,” with some optional excitement to approximate the boldface font and exclamation point. Note as well that the website name is a protologistic coinage of mine: in mashing up “amateur” with “auteur,” it differs from “amateurish” by an extra “u.” To see what expectedly shows up if you type in “amateurish” by mistake (as it were), click here.

11011Header image (Manila Film Center in flames) © 2013 by Ricky Pineda, used with permission, and with thanks to Rock Drilon; avatar photo of Kiehl courtesy of Vanny Pallarco & Taeyun Yu. Thanks to Theo Pie for scanning, typing, and correcting print materials, Boemchul Son for design proposals, and fellow WordPress blogger Richard for design improvement. Amauteurish Publishing is a duly registered and licensed proprietorship. Its finance and logistical processes are handled by working scholars (John Cris B. Velasquez and Juan Miguel B. Manansala, respectively).

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11011For a PDF of my most recent curriculum vitae, please provide a request at the Queries page. Fellow grantees of the US Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs who have registered with the International Exchange Alumni website may find my profile by logging in and then clicking on this link.

11011Editors who wish to interest me in reviewing specific cultural output, as well as students who would like to request a recommendation for higher study or work, kindly take the time to read some basic policies that I maintain.

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