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Afuang: Bounty Hunter. Dir. Mike Relon Makiling, scr. Amado Lacuesta Jr. & Tony Tacorda. 1988. Moments of Truth.

Aguila. Dir. & scr. Eddie Romero. 1980. The World According to Aguila.

Ai no corrida [In the Realm of the Senses]. Dir. & scr. Ôshima Nagisa. 1976. Pornography & Erotica.

Ako si Kiko, Ako si Kikay [I Am Kiko, I Am Kikay]. Dir. Mike Relon Makiling, scr. Jake Cocadiz. 1987. Gross, Gaudy, & Gay.

Aliw [Pleasure]. Dir. Ishmael Bernal, scr. Cecille Lardizabal (Franklin Cabaluna & Ishmael Bernal). 1979. Valiant Try.

Ama … Bakit Mo Ako Pinabayaan? [Father … Why Did You Abandon Me?]. Dir. Lino Brocka, scr. Pablo Baltazar. 1990. Class Clamorers.

Si Amapola sa 65 na Kabanata [Amapola in 65 Chapters]. Ricardo Lee. 2011. The Novel Pinoy Novel.

Amazing Grace and Chuck. See Silent Voice.

Anak ng Cabron [Son of a Scoundrel]. Dir. Willy Milan, scr. Conrad Galang. 1988. Moments of Truth.

Mga Anak ng Lansangan [Children of the Street].” See Ang Lungsod ng Tao Ay Nasa Puso.

Anak ni Baby Ama [Son of Baby Ama]. Dir. & scr. Deo J. Fajardo Jr. 1991. Sequacious and Second-Rate.

Andrea, Paano Ba ang Maging Isang Ina? [Andrea, How Does One Become a Mother?]. Dir. Gil Portes, scr. Ricardo Lee. 1990. Indigenous Ingenuity.

Angel Molave. Dir. Augusto Salvador, scr. Humilde “Meek” Roxas. 1990. Directors-Editors.

Angela Markado [Marked Angel]. Dir. Lino Brocka, scr. Jose F. Lacaba. 1980. Just another Exercise.

Apoy sa Lupang Hinirang [Fire in the Beloved Country]. Dir. & co-scr. Mauro Gia Samonte, co-scr. Joe Carreon. 1990. Movable Fists.

Avatar. Dir. & scr. James Cameron. 2009. Two Guys, While Watching Avatar.

Ayaw Matulog ng Gabi [The Night Refuses to Sleep]. Dir. & scr. Carlo J. Caparas. 1990. Mudslung.


Babaing Hampaslupa [Vagrant Woman]. Dir. Mel Chionglo, scr. Ricardo Lee. 1988. Causes for Cerebration.

Bagay Tayo [We’re Compatible]. Jerry B. Grácio. 2018. Mini-review.

Bago Matapos ang Lahat [Before Everything Is Over]. Dir. Joselito “Abbo” de la Cruz, scr. Ralston Jover & Segundo Matias Jr. 1991. Three Careers.

Bakit Kay Tagal ng Sandali? [A Moment Too Long]. Dir. Chito Roño, scr. Orlando R. Nadres. 1990. Persistence of Vision.

Bala at Rosaryo [Bullet and Rosary]. Dir. Pepe Marcos, scr. Olivia M. Lamasan & Humilde “Meek” Roxas. 1990. Men and Myths.

Balot [Wrapper].” Dir. Marius Talampas, scr. Greggy Gregorio & Ash Vidal. 2023. Pop for All Seasons.

Balangiga: Howling Wilderness. Dir. & co-scr. Khavn, co-scr. Jerry Gracio & Achinette Villamor. 2017. Innocence Regained.

Si Baleleng at ang Gintong Sirena [Baleleng and the Golden Mermaid]. Dir. Chito Roño, scr. Bibeth Orteza. 1989. Roño’s Rondos.

Balweg: The Rebel Priest. Dir. Butch Perez, scr. Amado Lacuesta Jr. 1987. Bioflicks.

Barumbado [Combative]. Dir. Willy Milan, scr. Humilde “Meek” Roxas. 1990. Ma(so?)chismo.

Batch ’81. Dir. & co-scr. Mike de Leon, co-scr. Clodualdo del Mundo Jr. & Raquel Villavicencio. 1982. Waiting for Godard.

Bayani [Hero]. Dir. & scr. Raymond Red. 1992. Black & Blue & Red.

Big Flick in the Sky. Dir. & scr. Kenneth M. Angliongto. 1990. Film on Film.

Biktima [Victim]. Dir. Lino Brocka, scr. Butch Dalisay. 1990. Class Clamorers.

Bilanggo sa Dilim [Prisoner of the Dark]. Dir. & co-scr. Mike de Leon, co-scr. Jose Almojuela & Bobby Lavides. 1986. Return to Form.

Birds of Prey. Dir. & co-scr. Gil Portes, co-scr. Ricardo Lee, Clodualdo del Mundo Jr., Herky del Mundo. 1988. Long Flight.

Biyaheng Lupa [Soliloquy]. Dir. & scr. Armando Lao. 2009. Sighs and Whispers.

La Bohéme (Giacomo Puccini). Dir. & trans. Rolando Tinio. 1992. Adaptation Comes of Age.

Bongga Ka ’Day [You’re Fab, Sis]. Dir. Maryo J. de los Reyes, scr. Jake Tordesillas. 1980. Commercialism Triumphs Again.

Born on the Fourth of July. Dir. & co-scr. Oliver Stone, co-scr. Ron Kovic. 1989. Frontline.

Boses [Voices]. Dir. Ellen Ongkeko-Marfil, scr. Froi Medina & Rody Vera. 2008. Survivor’s Guilt.

Ang Bukas Ay Akin: Langit ang Uusig [Tomorrow Is Mine: Heaven Will Decide]. Dir. Laurice Guillen, scr. Ricardo Lee. 1989. Slugged Out.

Bulaklak sa City Jail [Flower at City Jail]. Dir. Mario O’Hara, scr. Lualhati Bautista. 1984. Major Bid.

Burgis [Bourgeois]. Dir. Lino Brocka, scr. Jose Dalisay Jr. 1981. Oversimplifying Class Conflicts.


Casualties of War. Dir. Brian De Palma, scr. David Rabe. 1989. Soldier Blues.

The China Syndrome. Dir. & co-scr. James Bridges, co-scr. Mike Gray & T. S. Cook. 1979. A Clockwork Yellow.

Cinevision 2000. Dir. & scr. Anonymous. “Sensoscope” demonstration reels. 1990. Carnival Cinema.

City after Dark. See Manila by Night.

Contestable Nation-Space: Cinema, Cultural Politics, and Transnationalism in the Marcos-Brocka Philippines. Rolando B. Tolentino. 2014. Review.


Damortis. Dir. & scr. Briccio Santos. 1986. Triumph in 16mm.

A Dangerous Life. Dir. Robert Markowitz, scr. David Williamson. 1988. Perils of Politics.

Dope Godfather. Dir. Junn P. Cabreira, scr. Eliseo S. Corcuera. 1984. Missed Opportunities.

Dreamscape. Dir. & co-scr. Joseph Ruben, co-scr. David Loughery & Chuck Russell. 1984. Exploring the World of Dreams.

Dressed to Kill. Dir. & scr. Brian De Palma. 1980. Womanliness as (Masculine) Masquerade in Psychoanalytic Film-Texts.


Eh … Kasi … Bisaya! [Well … Because … (They’re) Visayan!]. Dir. Junn P. Cabreira, scr. Cabreira & Associates. 1990. Sedulously Cebuano.

The End of National Cinema: Filipino Film at the Turn of the Century. Patrick F. Campos. 2017. Seeds in the Garden of Letters.

Endless Love. Dir. Franco Zeffirelli, scr. Judith Rascoe. 1981. Brainless Love.


Filipino Directors Up Close: The Golden Ages of Philippine Cinema, 1950-2010. Bibsy M. Carballo. 2010. Mini-review.

Film Trilogy on the Theme of Poverty and Prostitution. See Ang Lungsod ng Tao Ay Nasa Puso.

Florentina Hubaldo, CTE. Dir. & scr. Lav Diaz. 2012. Trauma at Length.

Full Metal Jacket. Dir. & co-scr. Stanley Kubrick, co-scr. Michael Herr & Gustav Hasford. 1987. Form and Function.


Gang of 5: Tales, Cuentos, Sanaysay. Ninotchka Rosca. 2012. High Five.

Ganito Ba ang Umibig? [Is This How to Love?]. Dir. Laurice Guillen, scr. Emmanuel H. Borlaza. 1991. Three Careers.

Glimpses of Freedom: Independent Cinema in Southeast Asia. Ed. May Adadol Ingawanij & Benjamin McKay. 2012. Review.

Glory. Dir. Edward Zwick, scr. Kevin Jarre. 1989. Gloria in Excessus.

Greatest Performance. Dir. & scr. Nora Aunor (as “Guy”). 1989 [unreleased]. Firmament Occupation: The Philippine Star System.

Gumapang Ka sa Lusak [Dirty Affair]. Dir. Lino Brocka, scr. Ricardo Lee. 1990. Head Held High; ASEAN Affair.

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Hahamakin Lahat [All Be Damned]. Dir. Lino Brocka, scr. Ricardo Lee. 1990. Woman-Worthy.

Hari sa Hari, Lahi sa Lahi [King and Emperor]. Dir. & co-scr. Eddie Romero, co-scr. Hsiao Lang; Chinese version dir. Hsiao Lang & Chou Lili. 1987. Romero’s Flip-Flop.

Hati Bukan Kristal [The Heart is Not a Crystal]. Dir. Rasas Ahmad Alauddin, scr. Adibah Amin. 1990. ASEAN Affair.

Hati Tayo sa Magdamag [Let’s Share the Night]. Dir. Lupita A. Kashiwahara, scr. Armando Lao. 1988. Balancing Acts.

Heneral Luna [General Luna]. Dir. & co-scr. Jerrold Tarog. Co-scr. Henry Francia & E.A. Rocha. 2015. Antonio Luna’s Fall and Rise.

Hot Summer. Dir. Mel Chionglo, scr. Ricardo Lee. 1989. Cool Film.

Hubad na Gubat [Naked Forest]. Dir. Lito Tiongson, scr. Ed Maranan. 1982. Naked Debut.

Huwag Mong Itanong Kung Bakit [Do Not Ask Why]. Dir. Eddie Garcia, scr. Emmanuel H. Borlaza & Gina Marissa Tagasa. 1988. Image-Building.


I Come with the Rain. Dir. & scr. Trần Anh Hùng. 2009. Wet Noodles.

Ibabaon Kita sa Lupa [I Will Bury You Underground]. Dir. Toto Natividad, scr. Joji Vitug. 1990. Mudslung.

Iisa-Isahin Ko Kayo [I’ll Get You One by One]. Dir. Francis “Jun” Posadas, scr. Erwin T. Lanado. 1990. Movable Fists.

Ilo Ilo. Dir. & scr. Anthony Chen. 2013. A Desire Named Oscar.

Imelda: Paru-Parung Bakal [Imelda: Iron Butterfly]. Dir. Chito Roño, scr. Cesar Buendia. 1989. High-Flying.

Imortal [Immortal]. Dir. Eddie Garcia, scr. Orlando Nadres. 1989. Slugged Out.

In My Father’s House. Playwright Elsa Martinez Coscolluela (trans. Raul Regalado), dir. Tony Mabesa. 1987. Home Sweet Home.

Indochine. Dir. & co-scr. Régis Wargnier, co-scr. Erik Orsenna, Louis Gardel, & Catherine Cohen. 1992. Indochine and the Politics of Gender.

Isang Araw Walang Diyos [One Godless Day] Dir. & co-scr. Peque Gallaga & Lorenzo A. Reyes, co-scr. Don Escudero. 1989. Film as God.

Isusumbong Kita sa Diyos [I’ll Condemn You Before God]. Dir. Emmanuel H. Borlaza, scr. Orlando Nadres. 1988. Progressions.

Itanong Mo sa Buwan [Moon Child]. Dir. Chito Roño, scr. Armando Lao. 1988. Roño’s Rondos.


Kaaway ng Batas [Enemy of the Law]. Dir. Pepe Marcos, scr. Jose N. Carreon, Henry Cruz, & Humilde “Meek” Roxas. 1990. Directors-Editors.

Kahit Singko Hindi Ko Babayaran ang Buhay Mo [I Wouldn’t Pay Five Cents for Your Life]. Dir. Jesus Jose, scr. Joji Vitug. 1990. I.O.U.

Kamakalawa [The Day Before Yesterday]. Dir. & scr. Eddie Romero. 1981. Exceptions.

Kapag Napagod ang Puso [When the Heart Grows Weary]. Dir. Maryo J. de los Reyes, scr. Jake Tordesillas. 1988. Progressions.

Kasalanan ang Buhayin Ka [It’s a Sin to Allow You to Live]. Dir. Francis “Jun” Posadas, scr. Humilde “Meek” Roxas. 1990. Ma(so?)chismo.

Kasalanan Ba’ng Sambahin Ka? [Am I Wrong to Worship You?]. Dir. Chito Roño, scr. Jose Javier Reyes & Raquel Villavicencio. 1990. Woman-Worthy.

Kid…Huwag Kang Susuko! [Kid…Don’t Surrender!] Dir. Peque Gallaga & Lorenzo A. Reyes, scr. Alfred Yuson. 1987. Searching for Options.

Kisapmata [In the Wink of an Eye]. Dir. & co-scr. Mike de Leon, co-scr. Clodualdo del Mundo Jr. & Raquel Villavicencio. 1981. Exceptions.

Kontra Bandido [Counter-Banditry]. Dir. J. Erastheo Navoa, scr. Ruben de Guzman. 1986. Niño’s Comeback.

Kontrobersyal [Controversial]. Dir. Lino Brocka, scr. Tony Perez. 1981. Effective Satire.

Kramer vs. Kramer. Dir. & scr. Robert Benton. 1979. Kramer vs. Women.

Kristobal. Dir. Francis “Jun” Posadas, scr. Humilde “Meek” Roxas. 1990. Demachofication.

Kumander Dante [Commander Dante]. Dir. Ben (M-7) Yalung, scr. Ricardo Lee. 1987. Bioflicks.

Kumander Gringa [Commander Gringa]. Dir. & scr. Mike Relon Makiling. 1987. Chauvinist’s Nightmare.

Kung Aagawin Mo ang Lahat sa Akin [If You Take Away Everything from Me]. Dir. Eddie Garcia, scr. Jose Javier Reyes & Gina Marissa Tagasa. 1987. Return of the Melodrama.

Kung Tapos Na ang Kailanman [If Eternity Were Finished]. Dir. Lino Brocka, scr. Gina Marissa Tagasa. 1990. No End in Sight.

Mga Kuwento ng Pag-ibig [Tales of Love]. Co-dir. Jun Cabreira & Luciano Carlos, co-dir. & co-scr. Artemio Marquez, co-scr. Joey Reyes. 1989. Short Subjects.


Lakbay2Love [Journey2Love]. Dir. & co-scr. Ellen Ongkeko-Marfil, co-scr. Layeta Bucoy. 2016. Roads Less Traveled.

The Last Temptation of Christ. Dir. Martin Scorsese, scr. Paul Schrader. 1988. …And the First Shall Be the Last.

Mga Lihim ng Kalapati [The Secrets of the Dove]. Dir. Celso Ad. Castillo, scr. Rei Nicandro. 1987. Secret Love.

Lihis [Deviant]. Dir. Joel C. Lamangan, scr. Ricardo Lee. 2013. Pinoy Filmfests Circa 2013.

Lino Brocka: The Artist and His Times. Ed. Mario A. Hernando. 1993. Pinoy Filmfests Circa 2013.

Lockdown. Dir. Joel C. Lamangan, scr. Troy Espiritu. 2021. Nether Nation.

Ang Lungsod ng Tao Ay Nasa Puso [The People’s City Is in the Heart]. Dir. & scr. Nick Deocampo (a.k.a. Rosa ng Maynila). 1987. Movie(?) of the Year.


Ma’ Rosa. Dir. Brillante Ma. Mendoza, scr. Troy Espiritu. 2016. Ice with a Face.

Macho Dancer. Dir. Lino Brocka, scr. Amado Lacuesta Jr. & Ricardo Lee. 1988. Text vs. Texture.

Maestro Bandido [Master Bandit]. Dir. Reginald King, scr. Bonnie Paredes. 1983. A Half-Way Sample.

Man of Iron. Dir. Andrzej Wajda, scr. Aleksander Scibor-Rylski. 1981. Manila Event Short Take II.

Manila by Night. Dir. & scr. Ishmael Bernal. 1980. Renewal of Appreciation (1988); Postcolonial Conundrum (1998); Film Plastics in Manila by Night (2012).

Marcos and Memory: The Past in Our Future.” Sheila Coronel. Adrian E. Cristobal Lecture. 2022. The Political Is Personal.

Maynila: Sa mga Kuko ng Liwanag [Manila: In the Claws of Light]. Dir. Lino Brocka, scr. Clodualdo del Mundo Jr. 1975. Thinking Straight: Queer Imaging in Lino Brocka’s Maynila (1975).

Metro Manila. Dir. & co-scr. Sean Ellis, co-scr. Frank E. Flowers. 2013. A Desire Named Oscar.

Misis Mo, Misis Ko [Your Missus, My Missus]. Dir. Carlos Siguion-Reyna, scr. Bibeth Orteza. 1988. Reversals.

The Mission. Dir. Roland Joffé, scr. Robert Bolt. 1986. Epic Soapbox.

Mississippi Burning. Dir. Alan Parker, scr. Chris Gerolmo. 1988. Life after Life.

Misteryo sa Tuwa [Joyful Mystery]. Dir. & scr. Abbo Q. de la Cruz. 1984. Mysterious Pleasure.

Moral. Dir. Marilou Diaz-Abaya, scr. Ricardo Lee. 1982. Beyond the Stars.

My Other Woman. Dir. Maryo J. de los Reyes, scr. Joey Reyes & Jake Tordesillas. 1990. Maryo J. and Mr. de los Reyes.


Nagbabagang Luha [Glowing Tears]. Dir. Ishmael Bernal, scr. Raquel Villavicencio. 1988. Progressions.

Nashville. Dir. Robert Altman, scr. Joan Tewkesbury. 1975. Primates in Paradise: Critical Possibilities of the Milieu Movie.

Natutulog Pa ang Diyos [God Is Still Asleep]. Dir. Lino Brocka, scr. Orlando Nadres. 1988. Campout.

Ang Nawawala [What Isn’t There]. Dir. & co-scr. Marie Jamora, co-scr. Ramon de Veyra. 2013. Searched For, But Not Missing.

Near Dark. Dir. & co-scr. Kathryn Bigelow, co-scr. Eric Red. 1987. Genre Pastiche in the Horror Film.

Nektar [Nectar]. Dir. Francis “Jun” Posadas, scr. Eric & Susan Kelly Posadas. 1988. Down but Not Out.

Nerisa. Dir. Lawrence Fajardo, scr. Ricky Lee. 2021. Siren Call.

Si Nora Aunor sa mga Noranian: Mga Paggunita at Pagtatapat [Nora Aunor to the Noranians: Remembrances and Confessions]. Ed. Nestor de Guzman. 2005. Mini-review.

Norte, Hangganan ng Kasaysayan [Norte, the End of History]. Dir. & co-scr. Lav Diaz, co-scr. Rody Vera. 2013. Beyond Borders.

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Oliver.” See Ang Lungsod ng Tao Ay Nasa Puso.

On the Job. Dir. & co-scr. Erik Matti, co-scr. Michiko Yamamoto. 2013. On the Edge.

Operation: Get Victor Corpus, the Rebel Soldier. Dir. Pablo Santiago, scr. Jose F. Lacaba. 1987. Bioflicks.

Orapronobis [Fight for Us]. Dir. Lino Brocka, scr. Jose F. Lacaba. 1989. After the Revolution.

Oro, Plata, Mata [Gold, Silver, Death]. Dir. Peque Gallaga, scr. Jose Javier Reyes. 1982. Beyond the Stars.

Otso [Eight]. Dir. & co-scr. Elwood Perez, co-scr. Vince Tañada. 2013. Pinoy Filmfests Circa 2013.


Paano Kung Wala Ka Na [What Happens When You’re Gone]. Dir. Mel Chionglo, scr. Ricardo Lee. 1987. Mellow Drama.

Paano Tatakasan ang Bukas? [How Can Tomorrow Be Avoided?]. Dir. Emmanuel H. Borlaza, scr. Orlando Nadres. 1988. Campout.

Pagputi ng Uwak, Pag-itim ng Tagak [When the Crow Turns White and the Heron Black]. Dir. & co-scr. Celso Ad. Castillo, co-scr. Iskho Lopez & Lando Perez Jacob. 1978. Birds of Omen.

Pahiram ng Isang Umaga [Lend Me a Morning]. Dir. Ishmael Bernal, scr. Danny Lopez & Jose Javier Reyes. 1989. An Awakening.

Palaban [Feisty]. Dir. & scr. Eddie Romero. 1980. A Decent Fight.

Ang Pamilyang Hindi Lumuluha [The Family That Doesn’t Weep]. Dir. & scr. Mes de Guzman. 2017. Tears Go By.

Pasan Ko ang Daigdig [The World Is My Burden]. Dir. Lino Brocka, scr. Orlando Nadres & Rene O. Villanueva. 1987. Grave Burden.

Pedro Tunasan. Dir. & scr. Celso Ad. Castillo. 1983. Repression and Rebellion.

Philippine Prehistory: An Anthropological Overview of the Beginnings of Filipino Society and Culture. F. Landa Jocano. 1975. The Value of Humility.

Pido Dida (Sabay Tayo) [Pido Dida (Let’s Go Together)]. Dir. & co-scr. Tony Cruz, co-scr. Roger Fuentebella. 1990. Family Affairs.

Pido Dida 2 (Kasal Na) [Pido Dida 2 (Just Married)]. Dir. & co-scr. Tony Cruz, co-scr. Roger Fuentebella. 1991. Sequacious and Second-Rate.

Pinulot Ka Lang sa Lupa [You Were Merely Lifted from the Ground]. Dir. Ishmael Bernal, scr. Raquel Villavicencio. 1987. Earthbound.

Pro Bernal Anti Bio. Ishmael Bernal, Jorge Arago, & Angela Stuart Santiago. 2017. Mini-review.


Ragtime. Dir. Milos Forman, scr. Michael Weller. 1981. Manila Event Short Take I.

Raising Cain. Dir. & scr. Brian De Palma. 1992. Womanliness as (Masculine) Masquerade in Psychoanalytic Film-Texts.

Reflections in a Golden Eye. Dir. John Huston, scr. Chapman Mortimer & Gladys Hill. 1967. Phantom in Paradise: A Philippine Presence in Hollywood Cinema.

Respeto [Respeto]. Dir. & co-scr. Treb Monteras, co-scr. Njel de Mesa. 2017. Film May Be Dead, but Film Culture Is Alive and Well.

Revolutions Happen Like Refrains in a Song.” See Ang Lungsod ng Tao Ay Nasa Puso.


Sa Puso Ko Hahalik ang Mundo [The World Will Worship My Heart]. Dir. & scr. Artemio Marquez. 1988. Campout.

Saan Nagtatago ang Pag-ibig? [Where Is Love Hiding?]. Dir. Eddie Garcia, scr. Armando Lao. 1987. Komiks without Pain.

Sabel. Dir. Joel C. Lamangan, scr. Ricardo Lee. 2004. Heaven in Mind.

Serbis [Service]. Dir. Brillante Ma. Mendoza, scr. Armando Lao. 2008. Domestic Worth.

Shake, Rattle & Roll II. Dir. & co-scr. Peque Gallaga & Lore Reyes, co-scr. Don Escudero & Dwight Gaston. 1990. Class Clamorers.

Signal Rock. Dir. Chito Roño, scr. Rody Vera. 1990. Signal Rock and a Hard Place.

Silent Voice [a.k.a. Amazing Grace and Chuck]. Dir. Mike Newell, scr. David Field. 1987. Form and Function.

Sonata. Dir. Peque Gallaga & Lore Reyes, scr. Wanggo Gallaga. 2013. Pinoy Filmfests Circa 2013.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Dir. Robert Wise, scr. Harold Livingston. 1979. Star-Crossed.

Subversive Lives: A Family Memoir of the Marcos Years. Susan Quimpo & Nathan Gilbert Quimpo, with David Ryan F. Quimpo, Norman F. Quimpo, Emilie Mae Q. Wickett, Lillian F. Quimpo, Elizabeth Q. Bulatao, Caren Q. Castañeda, Jun F. Quimpo, & Maria Cristina Pargas-Bawagan. 2012. Disorder & Constant Sorrow.

Super 8½. Dir. & scr. Bruce LaBruce. 1994. Pornography & Erotica.


Takot Ako, Eh! [I’m Scared, See!]. Dir. & co-scr. Mario O’Hara, co-scr. Tito Rey. 1987. Child’s Play.

Si Tatang at mga Himala ng Ating Panahon [Tatang and the Miracles of Our Time]. Ricardo Lee. 1988. Film-Writing.

Tatlong Ina, Isang Anak [Three Mothers, One Daughter]. Dir. & co-scr. Mario O’Hara, co-scr. Frank Rivera. 1987. O’Hara Strikes Again.

3 Mukha ng Pag-ibig [3 Faces of Love]. Co-dir. Emmanuel H. Borlaza, Lino Brocka, & Leroy Salvador, scr. Roy C. Iglesias, Jose Javier Reyes, & Loida T. Viriña. 1989. Short Subjects.

Taksi [Taxi]. Dir. & scr. Arifin C. Noer. 1991. ASEAN Affair.

Puk Pui [Tell Them We’re No. 1]. Dir. & co-scr. Udom Udomroj, co-scr. Thongkao Makampon. 1991. ASEAN Affair.

They Live. Dir. John Carpenter, scr. Frank Armitage. 1987. Life after Life.

Tiyanak [Demon-Foundling]. Dir. & co-scr. Peque Gallaga & Lore Reyes, co-scr. Don Escudero. 1988. Causes for Cerebration.

Too Young. Dir. & co-scr. Peque Gallaga & Lore Reyes, co-scr. Don Escudero. 1990. Class Clamorers.

Transit. Dir. & co-scr. Hannah Espia, co-scr. Giancarlo Abrahan. 2013. A Desire Named Oscar.

Translating Time: Cinema, the Fantastic, and Temporal Critique. Bliss Cua Lim. 2009. Review.

Ang True Story ni Guy, Unang Aklat [The True Story of Guy, Volume One] and Ang True Story ni Guy, Ikalawang Aklat [The True Story of Guy, Volume Two]. Baby K. Jimenez. Mini-review.

Tubusin Mo ng Dugo [Pay the Ransom with Blood]. Dir. Pepe Marcos, scr. Jose Carreon. 1988. Down but Not Out.


Umiyak Pati Langit [Even Heaven Cried]. Dir. & scr. Ed Palmos. 1991. Three Careers.

Underage Too. Dir. Maryo J. de los Reyes, scr. Jake Tordesillas. 1991. Maryo J. and Mr. de los Reyes.

The Untouchables. Dir. Brian De Palma, scr. David Mamet. 1987. Bloody Fine.


Vampariah. Dir. & scr. Matthew Abaya. 2016. Peerless Vampire Killers.

Virgin Forest. Dir. Peque Gallaga, scr. Rosauro Q. de la Cruz. 1985. Historical Lessons.


Walang Awa Kung Pumatay [Merciless When He Kills]. Dir. Junn P. Cabreira, scr. Jun Lawas & Enrique Mariano. 1990. Movable Fists.

Walang Karugtong ang Nakaraan [The Past Has No Continuation]. Dir. Leroy Salvador, scr. Rene O. Villanueva & Raquel Villavicencio. 1987. Failed-Safe.

Wan-deuk-i [Punch]. Dir. Lee Han, scr. Kim Dong-Woo. 2011. Hit in the (Multi)Plexus.

The Witches of Eastwick. Dir. George Miller, scr. Michael Cristofer. 1987. The Devil to Pay.

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