Non-Journal Articles: Magazines & Supplements

This section comprises articles published in magazines and supplements. Click here to return to the Articles landing page, and here for articles published in National Midweek. FWIW, here’s a comprehensive Chronologically Arranged Listing of Publications.


“Bad Takes for the Film Industry.” Conjuncture (February-March 1988): 8.

“The Curse of Good Intentions.” 1987 Metro Manila Film Festival evaluation. Anthologized as “Metro Manila Film Festival 1987” in Millennial Traversals. Conjuncture (January 1988): 8, 6.

Experimental Cinema of the Philippines publications

“Scenario” (editor’s introduction); introduction & translation of “The Screenplay of Ang Magpakailanman” (Raymond “Goto” Red, dir. & scr.). SineManila. (1984): 1 & 14-20 resp. Click here for the PDF copy of the complete issue.

“An Everyday Tragedy.” Jario Scenario (September 1983): 3, 6.

Repression and Rebellion.” Anthologized in Millennial Traversals. Film review of Pedro Tunasan, dir. Celso Ad. Castillo. Jario Scenario (September 1983): 4.

Big Hopes for Short Films.” Anthologized in Millennial Traversals. The First Experimental Cinema of the Philippines Annual Short Film Festival (November 16-21, 1982): 28-31.

The FilAm: Newsmagazine Serving Filipino Americans in New York

The Marcos Dictatorship and the Irreparable Damage to a Family.” The FilAm 30 (August 2020): 8.

Peque’s Rage: A Retelling.” The FilAm 28 (June 2020): 17.

Barretto Sisters: The Privilege of Behaving Badly.” The FilAm 22 (December 2019): 6.

High Five for Ninotchka Rosca’s Gang of 5.” The FilAm 3 (May 2018): 6.


Some Words on Film Awards.” Anthologized in Millennial Traversals. Mediawatch. [Date unkn. (1992?)]: [Pp. unkn., 3 pp. + 2-p. sidebar titled “List of Film Awards for 1991 Productions].

New Day

“School Lures Film Buffs to Pioneer UP Course.” New Day (November 10, 1986): 13.

“Where Have All Horror Films Gone?” Survey of Filipino horror films. New Day (November 3, 1986): 13. Anthologized as “Where Has All the Horror Gone?” in The National Pastime 50-52.

“The Business of Pleasure in ’Gapo.” Interpretive report on Olongapo City. New Day (October 27, 1986): 13-14.

“Triumph of 16mm. Film.” “Fantalk” column, film review of Damortis, dir. Briccio Santos. New Day (October 20, 1986): 13. Anthologized as “Triumph in 16mm.” in The National Pastime 71-74.

Underground, in the Heat of the Night.” Interpretive report on Filipino pornographic komiks. New Day (October 13, 1986): 17. Anthologized in The National Pastime 154-57.

The Fantasy World of Rey de la Cruz.” Anthologized in Millennial Traversals. Interview. New Day (October 6, 1986): 12, 14.

“A Film Writer’s Experience.” Interview with Ricardo Lee. New Day (September 29, 1986): 13.

“Mike de Leon at His Best in Bilanggo sa Dilim.” Film review of Bilanggo sa Dilim, dir. Mike de Leon. New Day (September 22, 1986): 13. Includes sidebar “Mike de Leon Filmography” 13. Anthologized as “Return to Form” in The National Pastime 35-37 and in The Urian Anthology 1980-1989, ed. Nicanor G. Tiongson (Manila: Tuviera, 2001) 256-59.

Censorship and Other Compromises.” New Day (September 15, 1986): 13. Anthologized in The National Pastime 40-41.


Cinemasex.” Survey of Filipino sex films. Anthologized in Millennial Traversals. Who (August 25, 1982): 20-22.

Waiting for Godard.” Film review of Batch ’81, dir. Mike de Leon. Who (June 16, 1982): 19-20. Anthologized in The National Pastime 32-34.

How to Become a Film Critic.” “The Arts” feature. Anthologized in Millennial Traversals. Who (November 28, 1981): 27-29. Original of “Our Critical Condition,” The Review (September 1981): 41-44.

Oversimplifying Class Conflicts.” “The Arts” film review of Burgis, dir. Lino Brocka. Anthologized in Millennial Traversals. Who (August 1, 1981): 16.

Manila by Night under the Knife: Those Scissors-Happy Censors Don’t Know What They’ve Missed.” Who (February 21, 1981): 28-29.

“Cartooning in the Philippines: A Win, Lose, and Draw Proposition.” Anthologized as “Cartooning in the Philippines” in Millennial Traversals. Who (May 17, 1980): 27-29.

A Clockwork Yellow.” “The Arts” feature, film review of The China Syndrome, dir. James Bridges. Anthologized in Millennial Traversals. Who (February 22, 1980): 24-25, 42.

The World According to Aguila.” “Entertainment” feature, film review of Aguila, dir. Eddie Romero. Who (February 2, 1980): 44-46. Anthologized in The National Pastime: Contemporary Philippine Cinema (Mandaluyong City: Anvil, 1990) 20-23 and in The Urian Anthology 1980-1989, ed. Nicanor G. Tiongson (Quezon City: Tuviera, 2001) 142-45.

“A Festival to Forget.” “The Arts” feature, omnibus film review of 1979 Metro Manila Film Festival entries. Anthologized as “Metro Manila Film Festival 1979” in Millennial Traversals. Who (January 19, 1980): 40, 42.

“Rumpus at the International School.” “Campus” feature. Who (January 19, 1980): 1, 7. Original published as “At the International School: A Striking Story,” Philippine Collegian (January 23, 1980): 1, 7.

“Malou Mangahas: Child of the Seventies.” “Campus” feature. Who [Who? renamed] (January 5, 1980): 32-33, 35.

Valiant Try.” Film review of Aliw, dir. Ishmael Bernal. Who? (submitted November 1979): unpub.

“A New Twist to an Old Game.” “Common People” section. Who? (May 20, 1978): 6-7.

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