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December 2015

December 20 – “My Big Fat Critic Status” – draft of a letter I submitted to the Manunuri ng Pelikulang Pilipino (Filipino Film Critics Circle) in 1985, requesting for a less-active status, meaning non-participation in the annual awards exercise. This entry will be archived in the Extras section.

December 19 – “Intrigues, Maneuvers, Interventions: Screen Images of the Korean War and Its Aftermath” – keynote lecture for the opening plenary session of the fourth Philippine Korean Studies Symposium (November 10, 2015, at the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City). Published in 4PKSS (Philippines-Korea in the Changing Asia: Drawing Connections): Proceedings of the 4th Philippine Korean Studies Symposium (Quezon City: University of the Philippines Department of Linguistics, 2015): 4, 25-49.

December 12 – “The Reviewer Reviewed” features the only instance I responded to a review of my books, in this case Fields of Vision (1995).

November 2015

November 20 – One of several ways in which open-access books trump printed texts: both Millennial Traversals and Book Texts have been updated with my review of Jerrold Tarog’s Heneral Luna.

October 2015

October 15 – “Historical Film Depicts Antonio Luna’s Fall and Rise,” my review in The FilAm of Jerrold Tarog’s historical epic Heneral Luna. Plus an added treat, exclusively on Ámauteurish!: a review (written in 2009 and listed in the Extras section) by Jerrold Tarog of his mentor Johven Velasco’s Huwaran/Hulmahan Atbp.

October 3 – The list of journal articles (which may be accessed via a link on the Articles page), now separately provided, contains the abstracts and keywords of specific scholarly articles.

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September 2015

September 21 – Ateneo de Manila University’s Kritika Kultura 25 (August 2015) features “Forum Kritika: Nora Aunor and the Philippine Star System,” the first peer-reviewed collection of articles on Philippine movie stardom; includes an essay of mine, “Firmament Occupation: The Philippine Star System,” which culminates in a reading of Aunor’s rarely seen Greatest Performance.

September 3 – The Philippine Film entry (last, meaning chronologically first, in the “Chapters in Anthologies” section of the Books menu) now contains PDF copies of my listed CCP Encyclopedia of Philippine Art articles. [Warning to researchers: said articles had been co-written, relied on dated auteurist perspectives, and were occasionally outright erroneous.]

August 2015

August 30 – The complete initial (and only) issue of SineManila, published in 1983 by the Public Relations Division of the Experimental Cinema of the Philippines, with pages properly rescanned. Along with Focus on Filipino Films, this feature will be lodged in the Extras menu, as the very first (meaning the very last) entry.

August 28 – “Alien Abjection amid the Morning Calm: A Singular Reading of Horror Films from beyond Southeast Asia” (co-written with Ju-Yong Ha), out in Plaridel.

August 10 – Educators, students, and intrepid laypersons who wish to conduct a selective reading of my sole-authored books might find some use in Book Texts, a sampler I prepared.

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July 2015

July 23 – My newest book, Millennial Traversals, is now out. Exclusively available as an open-access digital compilation on the Ámauteurish! blog.

June 2015

June 23 – “Local Film Reviews – New Millennium” is a self-described compilation (with short intro) of material I wrote since my return from graduate studies. The entries under the Reviews and Auteurs & Authors menus will now point to blog postings like this, while the entries in the Articles menu will continue leading to the original online publications for as long as the links remain active.

June 22 – The brochure prepared for the second edition of the Manila International Film Festival in January 1983, titled Focus on Filipino Films; the event comprised 24 films released within the period 1951-82, selected by a screening committee, from which new subtitled prints were made. This feature will be lodged in the Extras menu, as the first (i.e., bottom-most) entry.

March 2015

March 5 – A clutch of uneven “Commentaries.”

March 2 – “Some Words on Film Awards,” a snapshot of film prizes given in 1991; published in the rarely sourced Mediawatch, and includes a matrix of awards, categories, and winners.

February 2015

February 26 – An early – in fact, my first – scholarly article, “Reflections on a National Pastime,” published in the now-defunct Philippines Communication Journal and unseen since then (by me, among others), till now.

February 14 – “Star Builders on Parade,” an early interview article on talent managers Rey de la Cruz (see also this more extensive account), Douglas Quijano, and Jesse Ejercito.

February 11 – Two just-completed sections, one before my National Midweek stint and the other during & after, comprise print-era film reviews from various sources, previously unanthologized in any of my book publications.

January 2015

January 15 – A special issue on “Media and the Diaspora,” co-edited with Violeda A. Umali, has been finalized in Plaridel: A Philippine Journal of Communication, Media, and Society 11.1 (February 2014). Includes an article, “Phantom Limbs in the Body Politic: Filipinos in Foreign Cinema,” based on the first Kritika Kultura Global Classroom Lecture of Ateneo de Manila University’s Department of English.

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December 2014

December 12 – Compilations of articles on film festivals in, but of course, “Film Festivals,” and of periodic summations in “Period Enders.”

December 5 – My reviews of selected foreign films released in Manila, never before included in any of my book anthologies, can now be accessed in two compilations: “Warm-ups” and “Exertions.”

November 2014

November 12 – Old interviews, in chronological order: Ramon Reyes (early 1984), Pio de Castro III (late ’84), and Bienvenido Lumbera (1990).

October 2014

October 27 – PDF transcriptions of my Asian Journal of Women’s Studies articles may now be downloaded from this site. For those with the resources, kindly subscribe to AJWS, via Ewha Womans University’s Asian Center for Women’s Studies. [And no, “Ewha Womans University” is not an error.]

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August 2014

August 5 – “A Critical Consideration of the Use of Trauma as an Approach to Understanding Korean Cinema” (co-written with Ju-Yong Ha); my first scholarly foray into Korean cinema, published in Asian Studies: Journal of Critical Perspectives on Asia.

June 2014

June 23 – “Nora Aunor: A National Artist We Deserve” – a reprint in Rappler of the June 21 article from The FilAm, on the Philippine President’s rejection of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts’s endorsement of multimedia star Nora Aunor; first published a few hours after the official confirmation of the now-infamous snub.

June 13The National Pastime (complete & updated); Ámauteurish! goes live.

June 2 – “Ethics First.”

May 2014

May 30 – A last (for now) addition to the banner menu, titled Extras; including background to participation in the 2002 Sight & Sound poll, and a special topics syllabus.

May 5 – Two canonical exercises, “One-Shot Awards Ceremony” and “Worth the While,” as well as the book epilogue “The Last of Lino,” complete the updated version of Fields of Vision.

May 4 – “Ten Best Filipino Films Up to 1990.”

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April 2014

April 25 – A new feature, Reviews, has been added to the banner menu. It lists reviewed films and books alphabetically, according to titles as well as according to directors or authors.

April 24 – “A Second Golden Age.”

April 23Books, listed according to sole authorship, edited volumes, chapters contributed to anthologies, and papers in proceedings.

April 21Wages of Cinema (complete & updated).

April 17 – “The ‘New’ Cinema in Retrospect.”

April 12 – “Ordinary People: Movie Worker,” an account of short-lived film-industry experience.

April 5 – “National Midweek Output (as Resident Film Critic),” which provides a background to my National Midweek stint as well as a comprehensive (reverse-chronological) list of articles.

March 2014

March 24 – “How to Use Ámauteurish!” containing an overview and navigation tips, as well as a partial list of “Articles.” These appear as new semi-permanent pages, listed above the blog entry.

March 20 – Two travelogues from 1988 – “Slow Train to Thailand” and “Empire of the (Risen) Sun” [on Japan]; and a short report on the capital of the universe, titled “Small World, Big Apple.”

March 19 – Some striving-for-controversy stuff: “How to Become a Film Critic” (written when critics were still sensitive to criticism, but before I was actually ready to perform full-on bashing) and “The Fantasy World of Rey de la Cruz,” the last major interview (as far as I could tell) with the controversial and definitely murdered star-builder, which brings up in passing his even more controversial and…allegedly suicidal ward, Pepsi Paloma.

March 18 – The full transcript of an interview that was eventually highly condensed for publication: “Critic in Academe: Bienvenido Lumbera” will be a good bet to remind us that someone once walked tall among us.

March 17 – “The Golden Ages of Philippine Cinema: A Critical Reassessment,” which is an attempt to question the Golden Ages concept (that I had once been complicit in validating).

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